Apple now using Tumblr...

Apple has never used Facebook or Twitter but for some reason are using Tumblr to launch some ads for its iPhone5C. Why are they using Tumblr?


  1. Apple is not known for making use of social media. In fact, they've never had an Apple branded Facebook page or Twitter account. Recently, Tim Cook, Apple's CEO, signed up for a Twitter account; since joining in Sept 2013, Cook has tweeted a grand total of 44 times. So it's somewhat surprising to see that Apple is promoting their iPhone 5C's with new 15 second ads - on Tumblr. Click below to see the ads.
  2. Apple must think that Tumblr is the up and coming social media platform.  This is good news for Yahoo which purchased Tumblr last year for $1.1 billion, as they need more high profile companies using this platform to draw in more marketers and increase monetization. These Apple ads come on the heels of another high profile company, Paramount, which used Tumblr to help promote Anchorman 2.