There Are No Lines For The Ladies Room At Technology Conferences

Need to pee, ladies? Find the nearest tech conference!


  1. Caroline McCarthy, formerly of Google and CNET, has apparently been seeing this for years. 
  2. (Can anyone else think of places where the men's restroom had a line and the women's did not?)
  3. Ah, okay.
  4. Sometimes, like unicorns, lines for the women's room are spotted, and are celebrated:
  5. More often than not, though, you're looking at a clear path to the ladies W.C. And this isn't just a recent trend: From 2007, before you even knew Twitter existed, at least one woman -- Twitter engineer Kitt Hodsden -- was tweeting about the clear path to the ladies' room. 
  6. A couple of women have used this meme as a call-to-action for women in tech: