1. Thanks, once again, to Marc Smith of Connected Action for gathering the links and graphing them.
  2. Choosing the Right Chart for Your Data

  3. Cool #tapestryconf Note Sketches By Catherine Madden

  4. New Fund for Science #Investigative Reporting

  5. U.S. Middle Class Incomes No Longer Leads Worldwide, Much of the Fruits of Economic Growth Flows into Corporate Profits or Top Income Earners Pockets

  6. Quick 8-Step Guide to Data Journalism

  7. Interactive Map Shows Ski Resorts At Risk of Climate Change

  8. Data Analysis on Violence Against Politicians in Germany

  9. Scraping Auxiliary Income Data of Parliamentarians

  10. How to Code: No More Excuses!

  11. Top Ten #ddj (Feb 20-26) & (Feb 27-Mar 5)

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