1. I have always had saved searches for @profbriancox and "Brian Cox" ever since Brian first joined Twitter. I have a look at them every few days. This is not weird/bizarre/obsessive/insecure. I did the same thing with @wossy when I first got him onto Twitter. I even did it for a while with @DomHolland when I got HIM onto Twitter. When you've worked as an online marketer/social media bod setting up Twitter accounts etc, it's just… what you do.

    Anyway, I don't know why I feel the need to explain why I might have a look at what people are saying to or about my husband, but that's where we are with all of this… people like to project all kinds of things onto me: that I am jealous, insecure, even sex-starved. Really, I'm not. Just so it's clear: I love my husband, he loves me, I'm very happy, life is excellent, it's all good, la-di-da-di-dah...


    Whenever I have a look at those searches, I see people praising him like he's some kind of a god, loathing him like he's evil and also loads of Tweets from women (and men, obvs) who want to fondle, shag or marry him. Look, here are a just few...
  2. On Feb 29th he was proposed to more times than I ever asked him (which was none).