Texas - Light The Way To Justice

On March 25th and 26th, thousands of Texans gathered throughout the state, in their local communities, to rally for marriage equality. These are the stories of history in the making!

  1. The National call to action video, narrated by Ben Patrick Johnson.
  2. History Is Watching - Light To Justice
  3. At the State Capitol in Austin on March 27, Governor Rick Perry held a rally for "Faith and Families". Of course, Perry believes that the only valid faith is the Christian faith and the only valid families are those that are headed by opposite-sex couples. We believe in protecting people of ALL faiths (or no faith at all) and ALL families. While they were rallying outside, GetEQUAL TX activists went inside and dropped flyers from the 4th floor of the rotunda creating a descending rainbow. The flyers read "Pass HB 1300 NOW". HB 1300 is the Texas freedom to marry bill.
  4. Austin TX - Light The Way To Justice!
  5. Dallas Media and highlights.
  6. Marriage Equality for All!
  7. Light the Way to Justice- Dallas Says "We Do!"
  8. Light the Way to Justice- Dallas Says "We Do!" 2
  9. San Antonio media and highlights
  10. Austin Media and Highlights
  11. Marriage Equality Rally - Austin Texas, 2013