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Pinterest - Are you Pinning your interests yet?

It seems that Pinterest has hit the big time. People are sharing and connecting with other like minded souls. It seems that by curating and sharing great images enables them to reach out to people in a powerful way.


  1. Rather than bombard you with a wordy blog with loads of information, I have gathered together even more information in a series of things that I have found that I think that you might find useful. You can pick and choose whatever suits your interests and needs.
  2. Is it worth the effort getting to know YET Another Social Network?

  3. In a word - YES! Getting people's attention is one thing though, keeping it is another.
  4. Traffic generator .... it's great for getting attention for your website

    Pinterest has become incredibly powerful in a very short period of time shooting right up to the top of big named networking platforms. It cannot be ignored. If you want to get attention to your website then you need to take notice. You might not know where to start but that doesn't matter. The how will always follow the why.
  5. Shareaholic's traffic report shares some interesting stats - could this be the same for your site? They claim that "Pinterest Drives More Referral Traffic Than Google Plus, YouTube and LinkedIn Combine" That is some meaty claim.
  6. Women love Pinning pictures ....

  7. Women love Pinterest far more then men do. Quite ironic really when you consider how many men prefer to remain as 'men of few words'. The thing to consider is this demographic detail of pertinent interest to your business. Women who have immense buying power so if they are your audience then you need to be there.
  8. Although - don't believe everything you read in the press - there are some men who are hitting the big time with the site.
  9. Infographics, how to's, and much more

  10. Watching twitter conversations is quite revealing .... and you will see that there is some very interesting content being shared on Pinterest in a variety of ways. It is not just about sharing wedding plans and recipes but much more.

    Amongst the internet marketers, the value of the info graphic has shot to the top of the list of ways of illustrating how things work. It seems that a picture really is worth a thousand words.
  11. What's the future? Will it become a useful collaboration tool?

  12. The question is now how can you get on board and make Pinterest your own. This can be especially challenging if you are not a visual person or feel that your business has nothing visual about it. Take heart though because there is a way. Pictures are of course not the only format that you can share, there are videos, infographics and slide shows not to mention that there are plenty of opportunities  to comment and interact with other users. More advanced users will quickly grasp that there are ways of capitalising on things like hashtags and retailers are discovering that it is a great way to get attention for their products.
  13. A couple of links to How-to articles that you might find useful ...