Vatican Council Anniversary

Thousands of robed bishops walked into St. Peter's Bascillica as the Vatican Council II got underway. The church marks the golden anniversary as part of the celebrations during the Year of Faith.


  1. Pope John XXIII called for the opening of the council, which included representatives of different faiths and church leaders from around the world. 
  2. pope john XXIII sining document starting second vatican council
    pope john XXIII sining document starting second vatican council
  3. The video, in Italian, shows the flavor of the opening of the council. 
  4. Vaticanum Secundum (Opening of the Second Vatican Council) - II
  5. Sixteen landmark documents were approved by the end of the council in 1965.  They covered everything from relations with other faiths to increased role of laity in the church to reformed how Mass is celebrated.  
  6. Church Leaders Look Back

  7. Pope Benedict attended the council as a theologian and advisor to German bishops.  He shared his thoughts as the influence of the council continues to felt in the church.  
  8. Commentators Look Back

    "Vatican II, which accelerated the great historical evolution of Catholicism from a Church of institutional maintenance to a Church of evangelical mission in a genuine and Spirit-led development of self-understanding, taught Catholics that they enter mission territory every day. The degree to which each of us brings the Gospel to others is the degree to which we understand Vatican II at its golden anniversary." -- author George Weigel