Ordained to service as deacons

Five men begin a year of service as deacons, preaching God's word and comforting those hurting. The men are a step closer to ordination as priests. We'll have more coverage, more photos in the June 6 edition.


  1. In his homily, Atlanta Archbishop Gregory spoke to the five men, along with their families, loved ones, and friends. 

    Deacons are to be "humble servants" of charity, said Archbishop Gregory, always on the lookout for the poor, forgotten and neglected, said Archbishop Gregory. A photo: campl.us/o4ZE
  2. Candidates prostrated in front of the altar as the congregation prayed for them. 
  3. The rite was complete as the archbishop put his hands on the heads of the candidates, imparting the power of the Holy Spirit.    
  4. After the ordination, Mass continued with the celebration of the Eucharist. And later, the friends and family joined the new deacons at a reception.