New Cardinals in the Catholic Church

Pope Benedict XVI makes 22 prelates into cardinal Feb. 18. They will continue in their own dioceses or the Vatican, but also serve as advisors on matters important to the worldwide church. The formal event opened with remarks by Cardinal-designate Timothy Dolan, archbishop of New York.


  1. This video gives you a flavor of the atmosphere in the room. (it is mistitled since there is no speech in it.)
  2. Timothy Dolan's speech to Pope and cardinals on New Evangelization
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  4. Photo: Catholic News Service
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  6. Reporters from Catholic News Service gave an real time report of the event
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  8. CNS Lede: "Secularism has had an easy time spreading through many traditionally Christian cultures because so many Christians do not know their faith and do not grasp the truth it teaches, Cardinal-designate Timothy M. Dolan of New York told the College of Cardinals."
  9. Reuters Lede: The Roman Catholic Church needs a "creative strategy" to bring religion back in nations that were once a bedrock of faith, New York Archbishop Timothy Dolan said in a major address at the Vatican Friday, a day before he becomes a cardinal.