Get eyes like lotus petal by promoting eyelash with Careprost Eye Drops


  1. Eyes are one of our mesmerizing feature through which one can allure anyone they want. The added advantage to our eyes is our eyelashes. Those eyelash protect our eyes as well as adds beauty. With our eyes, we see the world around us. Every one of us needs to have denser and fuller eyelash. There are some among us, who have sparse eyelashes and suffer from hypotrichosis conditions. Those feel low in themselves. People put fake eyelashes to look glamorous. Or, they use eye care products to make them look fuller and thicker.
  2. These eye care products may cause allergies so it does not seem to be the right option. You must begin using Careprost Eye Drops to makes your eyelashes denser. One can fulfill the dream of attracting their loved one's. Be it a party or a meeting, you will never feel depressed.
  3. Careprost Eye Drops Bimatoprost Ophthalmic Solution 0.03 is made-up of an active component known as Bimatoprost. Bimatoprostis also called as prostaglandin analog that functions wonderfully. This eye drops acts upon growth anagen phase of hair follicle of each eyelash.
  4. This works by increasing the length of an eyelash. There is also speedy growth in the number of hairs in your each growth phase of hair follicles. You will see improvement in about four weeks time and complete growth can be seen after 16weeks time. Careprost helps in promoting beauty.
  5. Method of application: It is advisable to begin application of Careprost eye solutions after cleaning your hands. Then put a small droplet over the applicator. Gently start using it over the base of your upper eyelash of both eyes. You must keep your eyes close for some time duration so that solution is applied towards the lower eyelashes also. Absorb the extra solution with tissue paper. It is important to use it one time daily prior to sleep.
  6. Contraindications that a person has to keep following:

    A person should never apply when he or she is having any allergies to its contents.
  7. Safety measures and precautions to follow up:

    · When contact lens remains inside, the solution will never get absorbed, so prior to use remove out your contact lenses. You can put back into eyes after a gap of 15 min.
    · Before putting any other eye drop for any eye disorder, there is need to keep a duration of five min in between any two different eye drops.
    · You must never touch the tip of the applicator and the bottle tip because there can be huge contamination of the whole solution.
    · Whenever you have an eye injury or an eye inflammation do brief your doctor about it.
    · Keep using only sterile applicator.
  8. Some common sick effects in some people seen with Careprost eye drops are as vision changes, feeling of something inside an eye, redness, burning sensation in an eye, sensitivity towards the light, dryness, itching of an eye, and darkening of eyelid skin.
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