American Competitiveness: What Works

What Works is a four-day conference that will feature in-depth conversations with business, political and thought leaders, including GE Chairman and CEO Jeffrey Immelt, on what’s working right now, and what must be done to grow manufacturing, foster innovation, compete globally, and create jobs.

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  1. The #WhatWorks Conference has started. Here's a brief video with some opening remarks from Jeff Immelt, GE Chairman & CEO:
  2. Opening Keynote: CEO Jeff Immelt
  3. As part of his remarks, Jeff outlined 10 key ideas for American Competitiveness over the next decade:
  4. Jeff Immelt kicking off our #WhatWorks conference.
  5. Now, we welcome David Gregory from Meet The Press, as he hosts Jeff Immelt, GE Chairman & CEO, Jim McNerney, Boeing CEO, and Andrew Liveris, Dow Chemical CEO, to share their thoughts on the 'Future of American Manufacturing':
  6. Nice shot from our CEO panel: The Future of Manufacturing: Growing American Competitiveness #WhatWorks
  7. Here are some selected highlights from the conversation: 
  8. Our next panel is hosted by Mary Jordan (L) from The Washington Post, who will interview Seth Goldman, President & TeaEO of Honest Tea, Deborah Wince-Smith, CEO of Council on Competitiveness, and Bill Dunkelberg, Chief Economist at NFIB, on the 'Winning Formula for Entrepreneurship and American Competitiveness': 
  9. Panelists discuss "The Winning Formula for Entrepeneurship & American Competitiveness." #WhatWorks
  10. Here are some excerpts from their wide-ranging conversation:
  11. Just after the panel ended, we spoke with Seth Goldman, President & TeaEO of Honest Tea, for his advice on a question submitted by Kyle Olason in the GE LinkedIn community. 

    "In an established market, how do you come to compete with big rival companies as a start-up?"
  12. What Works: Seth Goldman, CEO of Honest Tea
  13. That's all of our online coverage for today. We'll be back tomorrow and we look forward to continuing the conversation online at #WhatWorks.