7 Types of Wives

In the Anguttara Nikaya (7:59; IV 91-94) of the Pali Canon, Buddha described the seven types of wives that could be found in marriages. Can you spot the types around you?


  1. 1. The Slaying Wife - Dwells with a hateful mind, cold and heartless, lusting for others, despising her husband, seeks to kill him. Pictured below: Delilah and Samson
  2. 2. The Thieving Wife - When her husband acquires wealth by honest craft or trade, she tries to filch a little for herself. Pictured below: Sigourney Weaver and Jennifer Love-Hewitt as a mother-daughter team who con their newly-wed husbands of their money
  3. 3. The Tyrannical Wife - A slothful glutton, bent on idling, harsh, fierce, rough in speech and bullies her husband. Pictured below: Elizabeth Taylor in The Taming of the Shrew
  4. 4. The Mothering Wife - One who is always helpful and kind, guards her husband as a mother her son and carefully protects the wealth he earns. Pictured below: Hugh Jackman and wife, Deborra-Lee Furness
  5. 5. The Sister-like Wife - She holds her husband in high regard as a younger sister who holds the elder born and humbly submits to her husband's will. Pictured below: Iman and David Bowie
  6. 6. The Friendly Wife - She rejoices at her husband's sight as one friend might welcome another, well-raised, virtuous and devoted. Pictured below: Tracy Pollan and Michael J. Fox
  7. 7. The Handmaid Wife - One without anger, wary of punishment, who bears with her husband free of hate and humbly submits to her husband's will. Pictured below: Nicole Kidman in The Stepford Wives
  8. The slayer, thief and tyrant, with the body's breakup, will be reborn deep in hell. But wives like the mother, sister, friend and handmaid, steady in virtue, long restrained, with the body's breakup, go to heaven.
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