Who Got Game? Brits vs. Yanks Football Showdown at SXSW

Today we see two distinct variations of football being played on opposite sides of the pond. As the game has evolved, so has social media become an important part of the experience. So what can we learn from football vs soccer in social? UK soccer club Tottenham Hotspur and Social@Ogilvy discuss.


  1. Chris Heydt of Social@Ogilvy and Mark Ward of Tottenham Hotspur took to the SXSWi 2013 stage to discuss how the two sports are similar and different when it comes to social.  

  2. The engaged audience at the Hyatt was a mixture of global soccer fans; reps from sports teams and brands including the Indianopolis Colts, Boston Redsox, Manchester United and NASCAR, and sports media - BBC Sports. 
  3. The debate kicked off with the question: what is the biggest single impact social media has had on the sport overall? 

  4. From a US football experience, Heydt discussed the social roots of football as a sport and how it has changed how the media themselves report on the game. 
  5. And Ward talked about how social media has powered an entire transformation of a football club's game, adding a new dimension to everything a club does. 
  6. The panelists felt that in the US, sports are much more entertainment focused, whereas for UK football fans the game is all about being rooted in tradition and history. 
  7. The next question: the fan viewing experience is at the heart of the game like never before. What are the biggest     challenges, and opportunities that this new experience presents?