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Where Can IAP Take You?

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  1. How did you spend your January? There was plenty to do at MIT: courses and workshops, the Mystery Hunt, slipping on ice and falling into 3 foot snowbanks.

    38 bold undergrads chose to spend the month studying abroad instead. Many of them participated in IAP-Madrid, MIT's largest IAP study abroad program. Other destinations included China, Japan, Italy, Ireland and Germany. 

    Some students shared their adventures via social media using the hashtag #iapglobal.
  2. Senior Jason and his 22 IAP-Madrid classmates made it to Spain despite the efforts of Winter Storm Hercules. 
  3. In addition to taking a month-long Spanish II course taught by MIT faculty, IAP-Madrid participants have the benefit of immersion in Spanish language and culture to reinforce learning.
  4. Of course "cultural immersion" involves eating a lot of food.
  5. Chandler, who studied Chinese in Beijing through CET, also participated in this aspect of cultural exploration.
  6. There's many great things you simply can't experience at MIT. The excitement of a Real Madrid soccer match, for example.
  7. Bolted up at Real Madrid @mitglobal #boltup #realmadrid #broncossuck #iapglobal
    Bolted up at Real Madrid @mitglobal #boltup #realmadrid #broncossuck #iapglobal
  8. (Bonus points to Joe for the timely, sneaky Broncos slam.)
  9. You can take a class not offered at MIT, gaining a deeper understanding of your field or learning something entirely new.
  10. Museums are a great way to get to know the history and vibe of a place. Just make sure you know which exhibits are hands-on...
  11. I wonder what's at the bottom... #uhoh #toledo #alcázar #iapglobal @mitglobal
    I wonder what's at the bottom... #uhoh #toledo #alcázar #iapglobal @mitglobal
  12. Perk of any travel: you get to see the sights.
  13. Great wall yall! #iapglobal
    Great wall yall! #iapglobal
  14. But the most important thing: stories that will last a lifetime.
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