Cash Mob at Chagrin Hardware

Chagrin Hardware, the village's oldest operating business at 154 years, received an outpour of local support as a "cash mob" occupied it last weekend. And then the story went viral after the Geauga County's Maple Leaf video was seen. Here's a look at how the story developed in social media.


  1. Recognize the video below from the past few days? It was taken by John Karlovec, the editor at the Geauga County Maple Leaf. The Maple Leaf staff shared this video, and the original raw footage, with ABC World News, CNN and Fox News, among others. Another reason why the Maple Leaf is first in the WORLD in news that affects Geauga County residents.
  2. Cash Mob Occupies Chagrin Hardware
  3. Chagrin Hardware & Supply Co, Chagrin Falls OH
    Chagrin Hardware & Supply Co, Chagrin Falls OH
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