The Curators and the Curated

A great panel @ SxSWi 2012

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  1. We had a great panel in Austin yesterday with Maria Popova (BrainPickings), David Carr (the New York Times), Mia Quagliarello (Flipboard) and Noah Brier (Percolate). Moderated by Max Linsky (
  2. The panel started by a classic attempt to better define curation, particularly versus aggregation, a word that has scared traditional media, represented by David Carr.
  3. Which lead to talking about the ethics of curation, a topic that was nicely covered by Margot Bloomstein last year at SxSWi too: 
  4. It is something Maria feels strongly about as she just proposed a curation code to recognize authorship in the act of curation:
  5. The the debate moved to the potentially controversial part:how do the media feel about being curated? Some expected a fight but it was a constructive debate:
  6. David Carr couldn't help being a bit sarcastic but was also positive and recognized the value of curation:
  7. But he also pointed out that in the process of creating beautiful content pieces, Apps like Flipboard or LongForm stripped original content from its business model: Ads.
  8. The question is around sustainability of the model.
  9. To which Flipboard answers that they're working on such a model to conciliate beautiful content and beautiful ads. Maria Popova also points out that curation can be sold, though scalability of such a model is questionned.

    I think in the end, the key take-away is the value of curation, a very human act, amplified by technology - as Marie points out - but pre-existing as Jeff Jarvis also remarked in the previous tweet. A value that resides in discovery and serendipity: