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I have been collecting tweets, emails, and blog posts regarding some of the work that I have done with organizations and within my own school. This is the collaborative "reference letter" of some of my work.

  1. I have been collecting tweets, emails, and blog posts regarding some of the work that I have done with organizations and within my own school. This is the collaborative "reference letter" of some of my work. (You can actually see an account of my work from this reflection by Jennifer Casa-Todd.)
  2. He made us laugh. He made us cry. He made us think & inspired us. Thank you, @gcouros! Best presenter in my 18 yrs in @DPS109! #engage109
  3. Said it before, will say it again, keynote ever. My 4th time and it never gets old. I'd listen to you forever George #cesd73
  4. That was the best speech on any topic I have ever seen, anywhere. @gcouros #itecia
  5. Every educators should hear the message @gcouros has in his heart! Absolutely life changing!
  6. 8 years in... Best convocation ever! Ready to start a new school year. Thank you @NorthwestISD @gcouros #nisdconvo2016
  7. Seriously. The best speaker I have ever seen. Inspirational, vulnerable, hilarious, AMAZING. @gcouros #lethsd
  8. @gcouros in 18 years of convocations, this has been the most amazing, interesting, & eye opening presentation!! Thank you. #nisdconvo2016
  9. We laughed. We cried. We learned. Thank you @gcouros! You are amazing. Standing ovation well deserved! @newcaneyisd #ncisd
  10. @gcouros Wow! Two for two great sessions from George! Sold out room and nobody left.... Tells you how good the sessions are! #CEATCA2016
  11. @gcouros we ALL agree-best CISD convocation speaker EVER! Now go see baby girl!!#CISDconvo16
  12. This has been the best keynote for convention in years! Thanks @gcouros #ceatca2016
  13. I am feeling inspired and ready to develop my innovators mindset this year!! Thanks! @gcouros
  14. I can seriously say that was a life-changing and career inspiring speech #lethsd @gcouros #crying
  15. I wish all teachers could hear this keynote. This is so much bigger than technology. This speech is not the future, it's right now. #ties15
  16. @gcouros when you leave a keynote feeling like you can change the world. Great start to my day.
  17. Seriously blown away this morning. Inspiration & humor abound! #ties15 THX @gcouros Everyone should hear this message.
  18. We laughed, we cried, we tweeted. Amazing presentation by @gcouros ! Motivated for this school year! #dg58learns
    We laughed, we cried, we tweeted. Amazing presentation by @gcouros ! Motivated for this school year! #dg58learns
  19. Great messages from @gcouros - I'm laughing, I'm crying, I'm learning and thinking. Thank you. #dg58learns
  20. Truly the best keynote I've EVER been to! Thank you @gcouros 4 making it real, promoting change & empowering us to b change agents! #ties15
  21. @gcouros #lethsd welcome back breakfast talk was best I've seen in 7 yrs!
  22. I've been at TIES conference many years--@gcouros was the best keynote I've heard. #ties2015 inspiring and funny.
  23. 10 years in education-BEST educational speaker I have ever heard. Thank you for inspiring educators...and me! @gcouros #ties15
  24. Standing Ovation for @gcouros at #ties15 ppl laughing, crying, learning, and inspired! Thank u for sharing you @gcouros
  25. Best keynote speech I've ever had the pleasure of hearing, @gcouros. Funny, heartwarming and inspiring. #TIES15
  26. #ties15 @gcouros is the first keynote that I have seen get a standing ovation at Ed/tech conference
  27. @gcouros thank you for the keynote. I have seen many keynotes and that was one of the most powerful messages I've seen. #ties15
  28. Yep. George Couros. Every teacher should see him speak. Best keynote I remember seeing in a LONG time @Joesanfelippofc
  29. Just saw the best keynote ever today at the TIES Conference.  George Couros @gcouros #ties15
    Just saw the best keynote ever today at the TIES Conference. George Couros @gcouros #ties15
  30. Uplifting, amazing, motivating presentation @gcouros #ncisd BE the game changer and change the lives of your students!
  31. Truly inspirational words from @gcouros, powerful voice! Read his book #InnovatorsMindset, follow on Twitter. #ties15 blew me away!
  32. Maybe it's just me but in all my years, that was my favorite Keynote at #neta15 #standingovation
  33. @iCoreyDahl I think @gcouros鈥 keynote was the best I鈥檝e ever experienced. 馃憤
  34. Very deserved Standing O for @gcouros keynote at #neta15 Amazing job bro!
  35. If you ever have the chance to listen to @gcouros speak, do it! Best keynote address I've ever heard! #neta15
  36. I don鈥檛 know that I have ever loved a keynote more! Thank you @gcouros! #neta15
  37. Best professional development day ever! Thank you @gcouros ! Changing my plans for next week! Let's get this party started! #pisdlearns
  38. @gcouros your words will be forever in my are an amazing speaker.I will be a better educator,wife,mom and daughter due to this am
  39. Talk about the most emotional/motivational/inspirational! #neta2015 @gcouros
  40. Listening to @gcouros is inspiring while making my mind spin at the same time. Innovation is on the horizon! #riceravens #pisdvision
  41. @gcouros keynote was worth the entire conference registration! Thank you @yourNETA #neta15
  42. @gcouros is incredible and I hope someday he can come to speak to all of the educators in Coppell!! #fangirl #gcgroupie #tcea15couros
  43. If you hear @gcouros He will make you laugh and cry, leaving inspired to be a better Teacher with what to do next! #scc21c Thanks
  44. Speaker George Couros. Wish all of my staff could hear this! #meadowslearns
  45. @gcouros I can honestly say you are the best speaker I've heard at a PD. Thank you for sharing with us! @FMPSD #ymmED
  46. Watching @gcouros change someone's life in this session...incredible humbling to see!
  47. Every teacher should hear George Couros! Important messages in a fun way. @pjeffrey @gcouros
    Every teacher should hear George Couros! Important messages in a fun way. @pjeffrey @gcouros
  48. So many #gecdsb educators sharing with me that @gcouros was the most inspiring speaker they've heard. Thanks, George! #edcampswo
  49. I have never had tears during a keynote or conference ever - ever - and this is about the third time! Thank you @gcouros #perspective #bit14
  50. #bit14couros George Couros Out of the ball park! Concluding key note address. THE BEST!
  51. @gcouros just gave the most inspirational keynote speech I've heard to date. Great way to end #bit14
  52. @gcouros Amazing, engaging, inspiring teachers everywhere!! Best keynote ever!!!!!
  53. Outstanding presenter both in content and delivery. Well done, @gcouros, we are better for having you here. #lpsleads
  54. Great presentations today @gcouros ! You have changed the way I will teach.
  55. Gosh, I've never laughed and cried so much in one hour! Thanks @gcouros #lpsleads #dmsleads
  56. Happily ruminating on the importance of heart, humor, connection, creation and sharing, thanks to @gcouros. Best presentation ever. #ICE14
  57. Amazing keynote - laughter to happy tears to motivation. I am ready to learn! Thank you @gcouros - Amazing keynote #gafesummit
  58. There are so many emotional components to @gcouros presentation. Never experienced a speaker like this. #idesign14
  59. @gcouros That was the best presentation EVER! Every educator should see it! Thanks for sharing #elwave
  60. So @gcouros made me laugh, cry and want to be a better educator. He made a connection and then he educated me! Great day. #IndianaTriSD
  61. So @gcouros made me laugh, cry and want to be a better educator. He made a connection and then he educated me! Great day. #IndianaTriSD
  62. At least 1/2 of the people in my row just started their twitter account today, thanks to @gcouros #lpsleads so exciting!
  63. Well if that didn't inspire you to become a better teacher...than I think you should find a new professiWISE14ISgcourosouros
  64. I vote @gcouros to be principal of the WORLD. Best keynote ever. #ICE14
  65. Listened to George Couros today! Inspirational! Loads of ideas, laughter, and tears. EVERYONE IS A TEACHER, EVERYONE IS A LEARNER.
  66. Hearing @gcouros makes me laugh, cry, & makes me feel like I'm a true agent of change as a teacher! What can I start on MondaeloGTAloGTA
  67. @gcouros thanks for giving an inspirational presentation... Best one I have ever heard #scc21c
  68. Totally inspired by @gcouros Great way to start off this school year! #scc21c
  69. WOW! WOW! WOW! My head & heart are bursting with excitement! Thank you @gcouros ! You're a bright light in this world! Inspired! #MACAUL14
  70. I love it when professional development gives me total body goosebumps AND tears in one day. :) @gcouros #lpsleads
  71. One of the best keynote's I have ever attended! Thanks @gcouros and #ncce2013
  72. Hearing @gcouros makes me laugh, cry, & makes me feel like I'm a true agent of change as a teacher! What can I start on Monday?! #eloGTA
  73. Best speaker ever! Made me laugh & cry. So inspiring! #ICE14 @gcouros
  74. This is one of the best keynotes I have seen in a long time! You Rock @gcouros #ICE14
  75. @gcouros just won most laughs I've ever had during a conference keynote. Best way to start the day! #ICE14
  76. @gcouros is the most amazing and thoughtful principal ever! I wish you worked in our district!
  77. @gcouros Wonderful presentations! Thank you for your inspiring sessions. You have k-12 educators excited to go home & try new things!
  78. My inner geek is happy dancing! So inspired, motivated & ready to reflect! @gcouros is a wonderful presenter! Leading by example! #macul14
  79. @gcouros Just had the privilege of listening to you at #ICE14! Thanks! Best I've heard!
  80. Completely inspired after @gcouros presentation. I'm ready to go back to school and inspire others. @ElizzzabethJane #ICE14
  81. So inspired after @gcouros session! Every district needs a leader/thinker like him on staff #ties13 #motivationmonday
  82. Best session of the conference. Thanks @gcouros for the Blogging inspiration and challenge. #macul14
  83. @gcouros You fully engaged me for 60 minutes - and that's rare - Great Keynote, Thanks
  84. One of the best sessions I have ever been to at an educational conference. Thank you @gcouros. #Ties13
  85. I could listen to @gcouros all day his authenticity & passion; our students only get one "now." Innovate & share!! #TIES2013
  86. One of the best keynote speakers I have heard...@gcouros Thanks #lhs1to1 for this opportunity!
  87. @gcouros Your session on Leading Innovative Change completely changed the way I look at what I do in my role. Conference highlight!
  88. Thank you to @gcouros for Two Amazing days Innovation and Creativity! You have inspired our staff and leadership! You rock! #ffcaedu #edchat
  89. Wow! @gcouros just blew my mind. A transformational speaker who far exceeded my greatest hopes #bcpvpa13
  90. still feeling inspired by @gcouros and his awesome presentation yesterday! #stgabrielsATX
  91. Thanks @gcouros for an amazing presentation! Leaving inspired and learned lots about myself. Teared up about 6 times. #MightBeMenopausal
  92. @gcouros one of the best keynote speeches I've been to in a long time. So many ideas
  93. @gcouros amazing keynote at #lhs1to1. Evident authenticity is what makes it so inspiring. Standing ovation was absolutely earned.
  94. On fire after listening to @gcouros. Now getting ignited. Look out students! #hzsd
  95. Absolutely awesome keynote address to kick off convention! WOW! Thanks @gcouros
  96. YES!! RT @mkmaudlin: @gcouros wonderful day of practical PD. 1 of the best days of PD I've ever had. Thank you #pcscequip13 #INeLearn
  97. I love that listening to @gcouros not only makes you excited about education, but learning in general. I'm ready to learn more. #pcscequip13
  98. #iSpark Wow, great start to iSpark! Thank you George Couros for your very inspirational word about creativity in the class.
  99. I'm inspired, thanks #eVisionary #inelearn can't wait to pass on inspiration and meaningful learning to my students! @georgecouros was great
  100. @gcouros awesome day. You make learning possible through sharing. Thanks :)
  101. George Couros @gcouros is my new best friend. Seriously firing me up for the year! #lhs1to1 #GoWo
  102. Thank you so much @gcouros for being so inspiring and generous. I look forward to seeing where Twitter will take #CEDPVET and build capacity
  103. Looking forward to hearing more from @gcouros So incredibly inspiring! Sharing is the default. Start at strengths, move to learning #LHS1to1
  104. Inspirational keynote from @gcouros at the #ispark_2013 conference this morning
  105. #misatoronto @gcouros - Awesome keynote address. Funny, insightful and filled with inspirational content! Thank you.
  106. @gcouros has the audience TOTALLY eating out of his hand. Awesome. #NCCE2013
  107. "Thank you to George Couros for the wonderful impact he has had and continues to have on our district. His ongoing commitment to our learning is profound. Thank you for connecting and building relationships with all of us. You stretch our thinking and compel us to engage in new behaviors to push our learning, practice and influence forward." Elisa Carlson, Director of Instruction, Surrey Schools
  108. "George Couros came to SCH and connected with our faculty in ways I have not seen with other speakers, educators, and experts. He is engaging, respectful, and knowledgeable and his blogs should be required reading. We are still talking about ways to go further and deeper with our entrepreneurial program. It’s exciting to imagine how a wider web of educators will begin to spin education differently for our children." Priscilla Sands, President, Springside Chestnut Hill Academy
  109. Learned more in 6 hours today with @gcouros than in some of my 3 month long university courses #nctca #psd70
  110. @jmcconville1000 George Couros is funny, edgy and totally relevant. You can follow us on #cpvpa
  111. Thank you @gcouros for the intro to tweeting and blogging鈥he amount I have learned in the past few days=amazing!
  112. @gcouros just had three teachers come to me separately and tell me it was the best PD we have ever had. Thx to you!
  113. "When George finished speaking, a new energy filled the room. The buzz was deafening. The enthusiasm was exciting. Multiple administrators approached me immediately to have help with Twitter. Many other administrators were asking the other Digital Coaches around the room for similar assistance. One administrator, who admitted to me a week earlier that he just didn’t “get” Twitter, said that George’s talk was transformational."
    Tia Henriksen
  114. @gcouros doing what we strive for. Engaging the #psd70 learning organization. If he can engage 1000 can you engage 20 next week?
  115. George Couros gets a standing ovation from trustees at #asba #sgm2012 . Thanks for learning with us! @gcouros
  116. @gcouros amazing presentation this morning! I laughed, I cried! Thank you!
  117. "George Couros wowed the Alberta School Board Association last night with his passion and skill for using social media in his division (Parkland School Division 70) to build connection to create collaborative learning. He stated many times it’s not about technology – it’s about relationships!"
    Kim Bater
  118. This is an excerpt from an email I received from Rachael Bath, regarding the CEGSA 2012 Conference:

    The key note presenter, George Couros, is a fantastic speaker who put everything into the perspective of a school and teaching situations. His presentation and "Master Class" has been instrumental in changing paradigms for me, my colleagues and counterparts...For me personally, I have made changes that will be reflected in my teaching and professional practices for the duration of my career."
  119. @gcouros is an amazing educator! Excellent presentation at #sgm2012. I think we need him to come down to #hs4
  120. @gcourous. I laughed, I cried, I tweeted. One of the best keynotes I've ever seen. #iwasthere #bltech
  121. "The first Keynote Speaker, George Couros, was inspirational and thought provoking. His session was titled “Teaching and Learning in the Digital Age” and his key message was “Learn, Connect, Humanize”. In this one hour presentation I wanted to learn how, as a teacher, I can connect and engage with my students and school community more. George challenged me to think about how I was doing this and although I had started a blog and was using it in my class it wasn’t quite connecting the way I had wanted."
    Kathy Turley
  122. Totally inspired by @gcouros at #cegsa2012 - education never looked so collaborative or engaging. #ozteachers now to.. 
  123. "It was also great to watch George interact with students and staff…lots of laughs, smiles, high fives, and collaboration. It is one thing to follow George on Twitter and on his blog but it is definitely inspiring to meet in person and see him in action as a school leader."
    Derek Hatch
  124. @gcouros Hi you came to speak at my school and you really did speak amazing and inspire all of us thank you :) x
  125. "...However, I’ve never seen twitter being used like it was in the last two days… This massive impact on the networking capabilities of South Australian teachers came from one man (George Couros) , delivering one, hour long, Keynote speech “Learning and Leading in the Digital Age”.
    Selena Woodward
  126. Just sat in a workshop with George Couros and Patrick Larkin. Phenomenal.
  127. Sitting in an inspiring Conference based on Learning in the 21st Century hosted by George and Alec Couros. Ideas flying my way :-)
  128. "George has exactly the attitude I want to see in anyone involved in teaching. He considers it part of his job to turn students into “strong Digital Citizens,” and he models that behaviour by being one himself. He also created Connected Principals, a group blog where school administrators from all over share what they’ve learned. From where I sit, Parkland is pretty lucky to have him."
    Karen Unland
  129. Have I mentioned how spectacular that last session was with @gcouros ? Cause it was! #rscon10
  130. #rscon10 I am speechless about the presenteation from "gcouros. Just amazing. He is an educator with passion.
  131. "There are a few people in the world of educational blogging whom I follow almost religiously. These people, through short tweets and/or long blog posts, captivate my imagination, challenge my way of thinking, and inspire me to continue my own journey. One of them is George Couros. George is the principal at a K-12 program in Stony Plain, Alberta – and he makes his job seem like a cross between a rock-star and rocket scientist. George has an approach to his profession that is challenging convention and creating the future of education."
    Katie Hellerman
  132. @gcouros George....YOU make a difference. Your reflections are powerful and poignant. Pls remember YOU inspire while you learn...thank you
  133. #sd36learn loved the presentation by gcouros today. It was very inspirational! Excited for all the possibilities with technology.
  134. "The first thing that stood out to me was George’s transparency. He openly shares his ideas and experiences on his blog and he is a very active on Twitter. He is a positive administrator who leads by example. He never asks his staff to do anything he is not willing to do. Over the last few months I have had the opportunity to get to know George and to see what an incredible educator he is."
    Beth Still
  135. Hugely engaged by @gcouros love the stories! Wait til we get to the tech... #BLtech
  136. "This isn’t the first time I’ve learned something from this guy. George Couros is the real deal. He puts out more blog posts than I can read in week, but somehow I’m always able to catch the one that seems to have been written for me...I admire George’s approach at his school, one in which he approaches teachers with strength based learning and leadership–enabling teachers to find their strengths and become leaders in their own capacities."
    Jeremy MacDonald
  137. @gcouros totally inspired me today! Can't wait to start a blog with my son and students!