1. All of us affiliated with Connected Principals mourn the loss of Dawn Hochsprung, Principal of Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT.  We will never forget Dawn and the fact that she gave everything for her students.  We are grateful to be able to consider her a colleague.
  2. As many struggle to come with the terms of the horrific events in Newtown, Connecticut, it is easy to struggle.  Through the Connected Principals site, we have met some truly great administrators and it is tough to see our colleague, Dawn Hochsprung, pass away along with so many others in this event.  Any principal will tell you that the amount of time that you put into a school, it often becomes a second home.  The best principals treat those in that home as family, and through reading Dawn's tweets, you could see that evidenced.
  3. We would love to share some of the amazing things Dawn shared on her Twitter feed that I hope many school administrators will learn from.  We can still learn from her through the words left on her Twitter account and it is so apparent that Dawn believed in the power that strong relationships bring to a school community.  Here are some really powerful tweets that she has shared with the world about her and Sandy Hook Elementary School.
  4. Dawn was welcoming to her students and school community; something that every principal should aim for.
  5. Dawn showed her support of her teachers, both new and experienced.  She publicly recognized their greatness.
  6. Dawn knew that it was extremely important to bring parents into the learning of their children.  They are the first teacher and they should be a part of their child's learning.
  7. Dawn cared about the safety and well-being of her school community.
  8. Dawn appreciated her entire community and taught her school to show their appreciation of them.
  9. Dawn was an instructional leader.  Working with her teachers to improve their learning to improve the learning of her students.
  10. One of her "retweets" that she shared through her twitter account, says something that sticks out to many.
  11. "Success isn't just what you accomplish, in your life, it's about what you inspired others to do."