Protect Your Skin From Sun Damage

There are several kinds of fasting that you can do: water fast, lemonade fast (or the master cleanse), mono-meal fast, juice fast, and the juice feast


  1. There are several kinds of fasting that you can do: water fast, lemonade fast (or the master cleanse), mono-meal fast, juice fast, and the juice feast. The difference between the juice fast and the juice feast is in the amount of juices you can consume. Whichever fasting program you choose has to be 100 % raw.

    2. Intensify your body's inside-out make-over by detoxifying your mind. Raw food and natural beauty guru David Wolfe put it so eloquently in an old but currently unavailable interview published online: "True beauty comes from the inside out. It emerges from proper thinking, as well as proper nutrition, and exercise. Thoughts-- positive or negative-- etch themselves in the face and record themselves in the character of the individual ... The habitual presence of high and noble thoughts polishes the face, defines the stature, and builds the countenance. High purpose and genuine enthusiasm create an immaculate beauty. Thoughts alone can overwhelm the influence of clothing and cosmetics." Negative thoughts and emotions acidify the system. Unfired food will eventually alter your thought patterns and emotional make-up for the better, but you can also diffuse them with the help of exercise, acupressure, or any activity that you enjoy doing. Such activities will trigger the release of feel-good chemicals that would facilitate your mental make-over.

    3. Opt for a low-sugar and low-sodium diet. Say no to highly-processed foods and refined sugars. Foods with high glycemic indices promote insulin secretion. High levels of this hormone in the body leads to premature aging, breaking down collagen along the way, the fibrous protein responsible for your skin's firmness and contour. A high-sodium diet on the other hand causes weight gain, cellulite, dark eye circles, and water retention.

    4. Improve your circulation through regular exercise, massage, acupressure, and dry skin brushing prior to taking a bath. These will all improve both blood flow and lymphatic drainage. By stimulating the lymphatic system metabolic wastes and toxins trapped in the lymphatic fluid move more easily to the bloodstream, allowing them to be eliminated from the body. Also, daily dry skin brushing with a natural brush will help remove cellulite and reveal softer, smoother skin.

    5. Sweating is a good way to get rid of toxins through the skin, the body's largest organ of elimination. Work up a sweat by doing your favorite aerobic exercise or by going to a sauna for a pampering detox treatment.

    6. Steer away from deep-fried food. Plant oils subjected to high temperature get oxidized. Oxidized fats inside the body cause free radicals to proliferate, so choose wisely when you eat outside, and be extra wary because some restaurants don't change their oil to cut down costs and keep using oxidized oil over and over again. Barbecued, charred, and broiled food will also result in increased free radical activity in the body.

    He or she can guide you in making the right food choices by asking you questions about your family history, previous diet, and the goals that you want to achieve through the raw diet. A raw food coach can also give you the encouragement and support you'll need as you step on the marvelous but often-misunderstood world of raw food. Attend raw food seminars and potlucks not just to immerse yourself in the world of raw food but also to meet people like you who want to improve all aspects of their life through superior nutrition.

    8. Minimize your consumption of meat if you still feel that you must eat animal flesh. Raw or cooked, animal flesh is acidifying. Acidosis leads to accelerated aging. Raw animal flesh contains parasites, and cooked meat encourages the growth of worms through putrefaction in the intestines. Avoid unhealthy animal fat such as those found in red meat. That bacon or pancheta may look so Learn Additional Here tempting to you but if the human body stores its metabolic wastes and toxins in the fat cells then guess where the animal's poisons are found.

    9. Quit smoking. Smoking will give you dark lips, crow's feet, wrinkles, a sallow complexion, and dark eye circles. Smoking will also exhaust your vitamin C supply due to increased oxidative stress.

    Physical stress and lack of sleep force the body to work much harder and disrupt hormonal activities. Weight gain, hair loss, wrinkles, gray hair, oily skin, dark eye circles, dandruff, murky skin tone, acne, dry skin, eye visit the next page bags, and a haggard appearance are all side effects of having too much stress in your life. Fight stress through exercise, deep breathing, and a healthy diet.

    Liquor burdens the liver and therefore interrupts the detox process. Red wine may be considered raw and may have a lot of antioxidants, but alcohol is alcohol and would still have to pass through the liver.

    12. Drink plenty of water. Water not only helps flush out toxins and helps promote weigh loss; it is also needed by all the nutrients to do what they're supposed to. The body's your domain name metabolic processes rely on water to be carried out smoothly. Water hydrates tissue and cells. It fights off cellulite, dry skin, constipation, and edema brought about by a high-sodium diet.

    It contains around 200 phytonutrients as well as vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids, and essential fats. It also boosts the potentiality of antioxidants. The quality of aloe tends to deteriorate upon exposure to air, so mix the gel last to your favorite raw smoothie or juice with a spoon and consume immediately.

    Some foods have greater antioxidant power than the others, so you may want to include them in your diet on a more regular basis. ORAC measures the in-vitro ability of foods to destroy free radicals. Studies reveal that antioxidants found in foods raise the antioxidant power of the blood.

    If you eat a mainly raw diet, which provides more octane than heat-treated caffeine, then you wouldn't need coffee. Super foods will also provide a lot more energy than your daily caffeine fix.

    16. Go natural as often and as much as you can. Toxins from your creams, lotions, make-up, perfume, shampoo, soap, and additive-laden foods will convert into free radicals once they have entered the gut or bloodstream. Anything carcinogenic will lead to free radical damage.