Things that You Should Expel From Your Bedroom


  1. It may sound a little cruel if someone asks you to clear your bedroom of the items you have kept in your room for a long time and you have started to develop an emotional association with those items. Nevertheless, it would definitely be the best way you can get what you are supposed to get from your bedroom; i.e.comfort. The bed room is the only place where you can let go of your stress.So, making it a place of discomfort by not eliminating the distractions just because you love them is never a great idea.
  2. Remove expired pillows
  3. The pillow that doesn’t spring back after you fold it is the one that you should get rid of on immediate basis. Such pillows are never going to give you the comfort that you need during your night sleep.
  4. Remove the garbage
  5. Unusable papers and old knick knacks that you don’t need any more are the items that only raise the level of anxiety and stress by making the room looking untidy.You love your night sleep? Get rid of this random garbage immediately.
  6. Books that don’t need
  7. Referring to the books that you already have read can help you start great conversation with your guests but bedroom is not the place where you have guests. So, you can hand over the books that you already have read to your friends instead of building a pile in your bedroom.
  8. The useless dresses
  9. You are definitely not going to use all of the 10 dresses of same color. So, what those clothes really do is filling your closet terribly. The best idea is to donate these clothes to someone who really needs something to wear other than the single dress he/she wears all the time.
  10. The old tech items
  11. You don’t really need a 10-year old cell phone or an outdated laptop. Hence, it’s highly unwise to fill your cabinets and drawers with the outdated technology that you don’t really need. The only thing these items are currently doing in your room is making addition in the clutter, which is certainly disastrous for the mental health.
  12. Unnecessary decoration
  13. Distraction in bedroom design is disastrous for the persons who dwell in it. Extending decoration of a bedroom in terrible way can affect the good night sleep, which is the main purpose of a bedroom. So, instead of adding too many decoration themes, you just need to keep the room’s design simple. Furthermore, the design should make the room cozier. One of the best options is to use the faux brick panels on one of the walls, because bricks give the feeling of warmth and comfort.
  14. Organize your bedroom into a retreat!