Massive Neuroscience rap battle

Twitter is ridiculous. Last night Horizon did a show about sex differences in the brain, so the Neuroscientists were out in force to provide commentary. But then, one thing lead to another, which lead to something frankly quite farcical. No idea how it lasted as long as it did.

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  1. [Disclaimer: these are just the ones I was involved with, no idea if others were going on around them]
  2. [Disclaimer 2: I've separated them into separate interactions, but they did occur simultaneously in most cases]
  3. [Disclaimer 3: As far as I know, nobody involved has ever been part of an actual rap battle, except possibly old man Rutherford (age 38)]
  4. It was brought...
  5. [EEG scans require amplification, functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging doesn't so much]
  6. [The cerebellum contributes to fine motor control]
  7. [Lobotomy removes parts of the brain in a crude and imprecise fashion, so obviously impairs cognitive ability]
  8. [The human cerebrum is very wrinkled due to our advanced cognitive abilities, a smooth cerebrum is more indicative of 'simpler' brains, like those of lower-order creatures]
  9. [Phineas Gage had part of his brain removed in an accident with a railroad spike, resulting in marked personality change and cognitive deficits, a historic case in neuroscience]
  10. [An action potential is the 'pulse' or signal sent by a neuron when sufficiently stimulated. Inability to trigger an action potential suggests a very weak stimulus indeed]
  11. [The Hippocampus is an important brain region for memory formation (not storage so much). Patient HM was a famous amnesiac who lost his hippocampus due to epilepsy surgery]
  12. [Susan Greenfield is a famous neuroscientist, notorious for basing wild conclusions on very scant or no evidence]
  13. [Deepak Chopra is an idiot who spouts guff for money]