How to Tell if You Need Repairs for Your Garage Door

Your Garage offers extra storage space and a way to park your car out of the elements.


  1. Your Garage offers extra storage space and a way to park your car out of the elements. When the door breaks down, however, you may find that you cannot access the items you have stored, or that you cannot get your car in or out of it. Often, you can tell that you need Garage door repair before the door becomes completely stuck. Below are a few ways to tell if you need to call for repairs.

    The Door is Sticking - If the door is sticking or having trouble opening and closing, there could be a problem with the panels or with the tracks. Eventually, your door could stop working altogether and be stuck open or closed. If your door is sticking, you'll want a professional to take a look at it as quickly as possible.

    The Door is Making Noises - If the door starts making strange noises, such as groaning or squeaking when you open or close it, you'll want to call to have it serviced. The noises could indicate a small problem that is easily fixed, such as loose or dented parts. They could also mean the door isn't sliding on the tracks correctly anymore, which is a safety issue as well as a needed repair.

    Broken Panels - Life happens, and panels can become dented. Whether you backed into it with your car or it was struck by your kid's baseball, you'll want to have dented panels repaired quickly. This can improve the appearance of the garage door and ensure it continues to work correctly.

    Broken Windows - If your door has a window, you'll want to have broken windows replaced as quickly as possible. Broken windows allow rain, dirt and even animals inside. It's also less secure, so you will want to repair it to prevent any thefts that could occur.

    Your Remote Doesn't Open the Door - This may be as simple as replacing your remote or it could indicate a problem with the opener. A professional can check your remote and opener quickly to get everything working for you again.

    If your Garage Doore has any of these problems or is not working correctly, contact a professional for repairs as soon as possible. They'll help make sure everything is working correctly so you can use your extra storage space and not have to worry about your car being stuck inside or outside. For more information, be sure to take a look at today.