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I am super passionate about making your home your haven and that encompasses designing your home and garden in a way that brings comfort to you. Let's get started!


  1. Canopy up and over door – name and value:
  2. One of the most mainstream and used “frantically” garage doors is the canopy up and over door. A dominating type in the branch of up and over doors, the canopy door is named that way, due to its‘performance’. When the garage door opens, it goes up andperforms a canopy. As simple as that. If you are not sure where to start from when it comes to research, an expert such as  http://risslanddoor.net/garage-doors-in-nj-new-jersey/  could be a help. The garage door opens by the help of a torsion springs which lifts the door up through steelcables attached to both ends of the spring. The canopy mechanism, however, cannot support doors with a large width, mostly heavierdoors. Large garage doors usually operate on the retractablemechanism. In general, quite efficient and easy to use, though installing a remote control to this door can cost you a little extra additional equipment is required in order to install this function with the canopy mechanism.
  3. Retractable up and over door:
  4. The retractable up and over door and the retractable mechanism is used today, more often, because of several reasons, one of which is the flexibility of the retractable mechanism and garage door. Incomparison to the canopy up and over door, the retractable gear canhold up heavier weight and large garage doors in general. This is due to the fact that the springs on the door do not operate via steel cables, but rather use side lifting arms with tension springs on both side of the door panel, which far exceeds the mechanism and practicality of the canopy mechanism. It is also recommended forinstalling a remote control (something the canopy needs allot ofupgrades for), without changing the motor or buy new gear. Mind if you’re installing the retractable gear for smaller width door and consult with your chosen manufacturer for ways of receiving the best product and experience when buying a garage door. If you are looking for a good variety of garage doors in New Jersey, that's the place you want to be.
  5. ...And onto other parts of the home:
  6. Starting with the right garage windows is excellent. However, also pay special attention to your windows. Over the years, due to environmental reasons such as heat, rain, cold, your window panels can warp and as a result, not protect against the elements well. This, in turn, raises your heating and cooling bills and for some of us, can make a lot of difference.

  7. You can always opt for middle of the range windows and paint the panels a color that marries well with the design and color of your home or perhaps, match it to the color of the garage door!

  8. Bad windows can also lead to outside nuisances sneaking in such as centipedes, lizards, snakes (depending on where in the country you live) or smaller threats such as ants and bugs. In order to avoid these, it's not only necessary to keep your yard clean but to also pay attention to the state of your doors and windows.

  9. Of course, this naturally leads us to your front yard, back yard, and if you have any gardens. For instance, have you thought about how you want to set up your front and back yards? Do you want the front to portray a simple yet clean, vibrant lawn or something more aesthetically inclined to look like a desert (something I affectionately call “the Arizona yard”)? Or perhaps you want to set up the backyard for barbecues and company (with benches)? Maybe you have a dog or a cat and want to cater to your pets' comforts. Your last consideration could be your children (or first!) Do they want a spacious backyard to throw around the good old football and enjoy other types of sports?

  10. All of these questions seem... overwhelming. They are intended to be. That's how I started answering my own and my wife's needs for our yards. It is really important for my wife to grow certain herbs,fruits, and vegetables in our small yard. Every year, we plant tomatoes and lemons. Our herbs include cilantro and mint (home made mint tea is amazing!)

  11. I ended up designing our backyard after fixing up a few things in the garage and adding a remote controlled garage door. It was very important for us to have this feature since we have one child and it can be hard to juggle to the needs of a child and to have to open the garage door manually.
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