New Home Office Deduction - Is It Right for You?

The IRS has introduced a new, simplified method for claiming a home office deduction. You can take a flat rate of up to $1500 for your deduction and bypass the messy record-keeping and calculating necessary to take your deduction the old-fashioned way. Does this make sense? See what the experts say.


  1. The IRS Announcement:

  2. Simplified Home Office Deduction
  3. Why We're Wary of the New Home Office Deduction Short-Cut

  4. The AICPA Wanted More...

  5. Does the Home Office Deduction Raise a Red Flag?

  6. Taking The Home Office Deduction
  7. I
  8. Why You Might Like the Home Office Deduction

  9. ASL: Simplified Home Office Deduction (Captions & Audio)
  10. The Joys of Working from Home

  11. Build an Office in a Closet
  12. The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly