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Becoming a Peaceful Zombie: My Twitter vs Zombie experience

Eagerly joined the game.


  1. Tried to connect game with personal goals for Digital Writing Month.
  2. Quickly tried to jump in and help, but alas forgot the value of hashtags!
  3. One of my goals in the game was to participate via my mobile over the weekend. Saturday morning I was tweeting and swiping but at some point my mobile failed me....
  4. I did not receive notice of being turned until almost 48 hours after my last tweet! Do you see the timestamps here! Unbelievable. Not sure if my app failed, my provider, Twitter, or what!
  5. That's okay though because in my absence some Zombies were organizing for peace.
  6. A Peaceful Zombie offered me something non-human to eat.
  7. Having never partaken in human flesh, my hunger was satisfied. Peace became the call of the last two hours of the game.
  8. My Twitter vs Zombie experience was brought full circle with a live discussion hosted at Duke with Peter Rorabaugh and Jesse Stomel.A really helpful treatment of using play to encourage collaboration and learning.