The Seventh Video Game Generation in Full Display with an Event-Ready Mobile Game Truck

The seventh generation of video games has one of the largest libraries of titles.


  1. The seventh generation of video games has one of the largest libraries of titles. Major franchises dominated each of the three respective consoles. The seventh generation consisted of the Wii, Xbox 360, and Playstation 3. Many gamers have moved on to the eighth generation of consoles with a purchase of a Playstation 4 or Xbox One (Wii U is also considered part of the group even though it came out about over a year earlier).

    Seventh Gaming Generation Still Has All the Hits

    Many gamers still hold fond memories of the seventh generation. Actually, it seems that this is the first generation where a majority of gamers have yet to move on even two years into the new system's lifespans. There is simply so much to find in the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. These were the first systems to have fully functional online. Both the Microsoft and Sony Stores launched with this generation. Xbox Live dominated the era.

    The memories are distinct, strong, and probably influential for life. Even as a handful of gamers have moved on, more people are familiar with the 360 and PS3, and to a lesser extent the Wii. Right here in Colorado is a movie video game bus called Rolling Video Games. It delivers the best of the seventh console generation in a format that is wonderfully appealing and perfectly set up for a 16-party event. The mobile video games truck systems are linked together with online support. Players can dive into the latest iteration in the Halo franchise with all their friends and family.

    16 Player LAN

    Colorado rolling video games colorado has a wide breadth of titles from the seventh generation. The games are oriented for multiplayer. Each bus is fitted for 16 players, and it is geared towards LAN play and online championships. A few gamers can enjoy a few single player titles, including runs through the famous Bioshock or Uncharted trilogy.

    The real excitement comes from the addictive online titles. The Rolling games denver bus has nearly every Call of Duty title. Every Call of Duty fan has their own favorite. Is it Black Ops or its acclaimed follow-up? How about going classic and picking up the original Modern Warfare? Even last year’s Advanced Warfare is a stellar step forward for the award-winning franchise.

    First person shooter titles dominated the seventh generation. Best rolling video game truck displays a fully connected system so players can really engage with the best of this famous and generation-defining video game cycle.