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Developers react: No more Kinect

Today, Microsoft announced that it will be releasing a version of the Kinect that sells for $100 cheaper but does not include its previously mandatory Kinect device.


  1. Some were completely positive about the move, given the challenges Microsoft has so far faced in matching Sony's performance in the next-gen market. That's whether it's from a developer perspective...
  2. ...or the more obvious business perspective: 
  3. Of course, the moment this became true, the system lost its major point of differentiation with the PlayStation 4, too:
  4. It all came down to a plain and simple truth, according to one veteran:
  5. Some developers quickly had to reassess their plans:
  6. Others... barely noticed its departure:
  7. For Johann Sebastian Joust developer Douglas Wilson, an outspoken proponent of physical play in the video game space, it was a harbinger of a sad reality:
  8. Ian Bogost, however, recently argued that this reality was already here:
  9. It's worth pausing to consider how much money -- and significance! -- Microsoft invested in the Kinect, now that it is backing away from the device: 
  10. What about consumers who dropped $500 (or the equivalent) on an Xbox One containing a Kinect they may never have used? One developer suggests using Apple as a role model:
  11. Some see it as a confusing, even frustrating, step backwards for the company: