J.P.Morgan shows us how NOT to do Twitter #AskJPM

On the 6th Nov J.P. Morgan announced a “#TwitterTakeover” - It was never going to be a good idea...

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  1. Update:
     "In this new world, if you want to connect with a younger audience, especially on social media, you really have to perceive how they feel about you. JPMorgan has not taken those steps to earn a dialogue..." - quote from businessinsider.com 

  2. Quote from American Banker post: 

    On the more serious side, the Twitter account for Occupy Wall Street Twitter advertised the bank's quickly-derailed experiment in social media, telling its followers, 

    "Ever wish you could give JP Morgan/Chase a piece of your mind? Check out the hashtag #AskJPM right now."

  3. Good video clip from CNBC ... 
  4. Far too many tweets to list here... but a sample ... trying to keep the bad language out ;)