Influence Panel - #cmskred #cms2012

We all have influence somewhere: The next great social media transformation – how do you measure influence in 2012 and beyond?


  1. Moderator: Joanna Geary, digital development editor, Guardian News and Media @GuardianJoanna
    Andrew Grill - UK CEO - PeopleBrowsr  @AndrewGrill
    Philip Sheldrake - founding partner - MeanwhileB  @Sheldrake
    Bonin Bough - VP - global digital & consumer engagement Kraft Foods  @boughb
    Leo Ryan - Group Head of Social - Ogilvy  @LeoTwit
  2. The earliest social metrics emphasised quantity (of followers) over quality of content and connections. Now social data creates opportunities for a richer customer understanding and deeper engagement.  
  3. CMS2012 Guardian Changing Media Conference Kred Leaderboard
    CMS2012 Guardian Changing Media Conference Kred Leaderboard
  4. How are new methods for identifying and targeting influential people by their interests and affiliations opening new avenues for marketers to target people who are most likely to be receptive to their message and share it with their network?