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Annular Eclipse May 2012

A "time traveling" solar eclipse will turn the familiar disk of the sun into a ring of fire for sky-watchers in parts of Asia and the U.S. West. Known as an annular eclipse, the event is the first of its kind to be visible from the mainland United States since 1994.


  1. I will update this as the night goes on please @GabrielleNYC if you would like a photo or blog included. 
  2. Annular Solar Eclipse Casts A Shadow On Earth
  3. Annular Solar Eclipse May 20 2012
  4. Annular solar eclipse
    Annular solar eclipse
  5. デジカメの液晶を写してエフェクトかけただけでもいける(笑) ギリギリ間に合った感じなのでインターバル撮影できなかったのが心残りだな。家帰ってから色々遊びます #eclipse #solareclipse
    デジカメの液晶を写してエフェクトかけただけでもいける(笑) ギリギリ間に合った感じなのでインターバル撮影できなかったのが心残りだな。家帰ってから色々遊びます #eclipse #solareclipse
  6. Eclipse - Ring of Fire
    Eclipse - Ring of Fire
  7. Eclipse - Ring of Fire
    Eclipse - Ring of Fire