Secure gables-apartment Controlled access entry


  1. Gables Apartments provides residents with security and peace of mind with the gables-apartment Controlled access entry. Once you become a resident of the Gables Apartments complex in San Antonio, you are provided with an electronic key to your apartment door.

  2. There are a number of electronic keys like a pen type of key, or a magnetic card, the size of a credit card. You come in and out of your apartment using the e-key. Every time you come in to your apartment, your entry is registered at the central computer of the Gables Apartments office. Your magnetic card matches with your file record at the main office.

  3. So concierge knows that you’re the only one coming in and out of that apartment. Gables-apartment Controlled access entry enhances your security and peace of mind. The main doors are equipped with Door-Guard entry panels that allow the electronic opening and locking of doors and its simultaneous recording at the central office.

  4. Only you are authorized as resident to bring your electronic key anywhere you go as part of secure gables-apartment Controlled access entry.

  5. There are a lot of things you can do in San Antonio, aside from staying in your apartment. Would you be interested in San Antonio’s nightlife and popular dining spots?

  6. You may wish to go downtown at the River Walk, or simply explore the neighborhoods like the Alamo or the Historic Market Square, as a way to familiarize yourself if you’re new in San Antonio Texas. Don’t forget to bring your electronic key once you go out of the apartment complex. You can leave your apartment feeling secured.

  7. Experience the immediate attention and accommodation upon your stay at Gables Apartments, as we make you feel part of our community. A member of the reception staff of gables-apartment Controlled access entry will assist you on how to use the electronic key for easy access to your apartment.

  8. If you’re coming back to your apartment from a San Antonio tour outside, at the main entrance gate of the Gables Apartments complex, your card can be used to access entry into the complex. Our friendly gate assistants would be more than willing to be of help to you.

  9. You would also feel safe with the nightly courtesy patrols who would watch over your apartment and your car parked at the covered parking area, as you enjoy watching your favorite TV program on your laptop or read a novel underneath a warm lampshade inside your bedroom.
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