Hero Or Hoax: The Ruben Mejia Story

A radio station call-in from a father turns into a fabricated story being sent through the newswires and republished by outlets around the world.

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  1. On May 2, 2011, stories began circulating that a Navy SEAL by the name of Rubén Mejía had participated in the mission that killed Osama bin Laden. The bullets include that he was the son of Mexican immigrants from Guanajuato, MX who now live in Perris, CA.

  2. The story first appeared through Mexico's El Universal's website through a newswire from Notimex. 

  3. It was run on May 3 by La Opinion's news site.
  4. The story's origins have since been retraced to an interview that took place between a caller and a radio host on Los Angeles' La Raza, 97.9 radio station. However, no archive of the interview can be located.

  5. Apparently, the interview began when Martin Mejia, the father of Ruben Mejia, called to make a dedication to his son.

    Immediately, websites began circulating the story and people began tweeting updates, spreading the news.

  6. Sgt. Ruben mejia, home town: mission viejo, Parents: illegal immigrants, his greatest accomplishment: KILLED OSAMA BIN LADEN!! do you see mr. President we came here to make a change in lives not just to take jobs that white people will never do! Where the fuck is the immigration reform mr. President!!!? Where??? REPOST
  7. El Universal newspaper in Mexico reports that Rubén Mejía of Mexican immigrants was among the Navy SEALs that killed Bin Laden.
  8. Rubén Mejía, Navy SEAL son of Mexican American IMMIGRANT parents from GUANAJUATO is one of the men responsible for the capture and death of Osama Bin Laden... what do you have to say now MINUTE MEN? Let's hear it for the Latinos forward this and let's educate ourselves. Make The Dream Act happen!
  9. Ruben Mejia is the man responsible for murdering bin laden jus to be clarified.
  10. Most news organizations in the United States had reports confirming that the identities of these operatives would likely never be released. Could there actually have been a leak that has gone unnoticed by mainstream media?
  11. But some raised skepticism because no other outlets were releasing the names of the operatives that participated in the mission.