Targeting Quality 2017 Recap

This was my first time in Kitchener, and to the Targeting Quality conference put on by KWSQA. I was lucky enough to speak at the conference this year, as well! I only attended a few sessions, so my tweetstorm was minimal.


  1. Opening Keynote: Owning Our Narrative with Angie Jones

  2. I love seeing Angie speak - she's great! In this talk, Angie went through the history of music, and tied it beautifully to the history of testing, and how we can progress along with it. Great analogies, and some bonus dancing :D

  3. The Fellowship of the Test: Building A Community Across Agile Teams with Christine McGarry

  4. While we've got a much larger team than Christine was going to talk about, I wanted to see if I could use any of her community building ideas in our internal communities. I'm still kind of processing where I can apply her ideas.