Jurassic Hack - QL Technology 24 Hour Hackathon of 2018

Unleashing our inner scientists


  1. Quicken Loans hosts a 24 hour hackathon every year for team members throughout our family of companies to come together and build something cool. Past hackathon projects have developed into fully fledged projects, like the Amazon Alexa skill to pay your mortgage payment with Rocket Mortgage. We have other hackathons throughout the year that span several Bullet Time sessions; Bullet Time is the 4 hours every Monday that we get to work on innovation and professional development!
  2. My team wanted to build something to solve for a social collaboration gap for remote team members - building an IoT Nerf gun (with 3D printed parts) that a remote team member could use to engage in the office Nerf wars (and team members in the office could shoot remote team members back). We love our Nerf wars in the office, but remote team members felt like they were missing out.
  3. I tweeted some of our progress throughout the hackathon, as this was a totally new endeavor for me - hardware, 3D printing, IoT. It was a ton of fun, and I can't wait to work on more like these! Our team wasn't able to finish - we hit some roadblocks and had to start over with new hardware (started with Azure IoT MXChip, and had to move to Raspberry Pi) - but we're still meeting to continue our work. We got so much encouragement to finish our project, so we're using Bullet Time every week to get it done!
  4. By the way, if you think this is the coolest place to work (it is!), and you want to work here too - you can! We're hiring :D We have a ton of openings in our growing technology team (check out the list here). I'm happy to talk about my almost 5 years here, and why I love working for the #1 Place to Work in IT 5 years in a row! Drop me a line!