CodeMash 2016 - Precompilers

Days 1 and 2 of CodeMash 2016, just the tweets about session content


  1. Day 1 of CodeMash 2016, I attended the Python Koans - Introduction to Python precompiler with David Stanek. I didn't tweet much as I was working on my koans!
  2. After this tweet, I was informed by some folks that Python was named after Monty Python, and my love for it grew! I found that I don't learn very well by changing code to make tests pass. I'm sure it works for some, but I need to get some more muscle memory, typing in there to help me learn. I honestly couldn't write a simple "hello, world" example after the session... I do, however, have the rest of the koans to go through, and hopefully can get into Python more!
  3. That's all for Day 1! I only had the 1 half-day session I really wanted to attend.
  4. Day 2 started with Creative Collaboration: Tools for Teams with Doc Norton. The session was interactive, but I got a few nuggets for tweets.