What Everyone Ought To Know About A Retractable Badge Holder


  1. These days, it is quite common to see a person wear a retractable badge holder. In fact, it is so familiar that everyone takes these tools for granted. After all, what’s so great about an identification tag tool that costs you less then $2 to buy (or make.) However, there is so much convenience to be gained from using a retractable badge holder. Some of these conveniences would include: being able to carry a passkey badge around wherever it suits the person; and being able to swipe the passkey without having to complete remove the badge from the person – to name a few.

    Depending on the dictates of the company dress code, there are some people who do need to wear passkeys around the neck with a lanyard or clipped to their breast pockets or as part of their belt gear. This may help make entering the premises or specific rooms easier, but this by itself can pose certain nuisances. Longer lanyards are usually needed to swipe the machines. No one really likes being face-to-face with the wall or the swiping machine. However, longer lanyards can get in the way of mobility.
  2. When it comes to clip-on tags, no one really relishes the thought of incessantly having to remove and replace badges during processing. Just imagine routinely performing this action whenever you have to move from one room to the other. Plus, clips usually are prone to break from excessive force or use. A retractable badge holder ensures that the badges are firmly attached to the lanyard or the clips and that these can be pulled off for swiping and released automatically.

    A retractable holder also ensures that the badges are on the person at all times. This detail is really important. It lessens the hassle of trying to find misplaced passkeys or identification badges during the working period. It also lessens the possibility of these badges accidentally falling off when moving around.

    Additionally, a new retractable badge holder can make a great gift. A gift like this works well not only for employees working in the same company, but for other non-company based people as well. Some large companies have had especially created badge holders with their corporate logos attached that they give away as “loyalty” gifts to long time patrons, or as a way to entice clients. Having a corporate logo on a retractable badge holder is a wonderful albeit passive promotional tool. Non-company based people wearing the said retractable badge holder may be walking around innocently advertising your company for you.

    And then there are those companies that are not exactly looking for marketing vehicles. They have had the company logo (or some other identifying mark) specially embossed or printed on the retractable badge holder. In other instances, a specially made badge holder made with a unique shape or made out of specific materials ensures company exclusivity. This is usually done as a way of adding security to a controlled environment. After all, it would be fairly easy to create fake badges or identification tags, but the slight detail of wearing the special company badge holder may be completely overlooked.