1. The first hacked tweet was sent about 12:30 p.m., appearing to come from sympathizers with the Islamic State. The hackers shared what they claimed to be war scenarios and personal information on U.S. military personnel.
  2. The CENTCOM YouTube page also appeared to have been hacked with two Islamic State propaganda videos uploaded to the page a “CyberCaliphate” banner added. Below is a screenshot.
  3. Observers quickly noticed that the information posted on Twitter by the hackers was not classified.
  4. Others commented that while the hack was not as dangerous as initially thought, it is embarrassing for CENTCOM and worrisome for military officials who had personal information posted.
  5. Some criticized what they believed to be a slow response from Twitter in suspending the account.
  6. The hacktivist collective Anonymous made their own effort to track down the perpetrator.