Librarian, AFT 7463

Librarian who teaches librarianship; Union member,

Gillian Wong / 黄敬龄

@AP's greater China news director. Based in Beijing. Ex-@WSJ tech reporter.

Lisa Brackmann

Lisa Brackmann - writer, Chinese student, beach bum. Author of suspense novels ROCK PAPER TIGER, GETAWAY, HOUR OF THE RAT, DRAGON DAY & GO-BETWEEN


Robin Cembalest

Media Reform UK

We campaign for a more democratic & accountable media, where diversity, public interest & ethical journalism come before the private gain of a few media moguls.

Laura Yuen

Metro reporter for @MPRNews.

Sydney Edmonds Poore

Chinatown Report

Chinatown News - Chinatown food, Chinese culture, restaurants, art, music #Chinatown #News


Unified MMG


Erica Pakasi

Cam MacMurchy

In China since 2004, Vice President - Corporate Communications with an HK-listed company and chief editor of The Nanfang. Tweeting all things China/HK.

Mark Henderson

Eurocrat tweeting on European and Chinese politics, travel, food & life in Brussels. From Hadrian, through Berlin to Great, Always near Walls. Until now...


TV Cameraman. Covering China and DPRK. Views my own.