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Erica Pakasi

Cam MacMurchy

In China since 2004, Vice President - Corporate Communications with an HK-listed company and chief editor of The Nanfang. Tweeting all things China/HK.

Mark Henderson

Eurocrat tweeting on European and Chinese politics, travel, food & life in Brussels. From Hadrian, through Berlin to Great, Always near Walls. Until now...


TV Cameraman. Covering China and DPRK. Views my own.

Luis Hestres

Assist. prof. @UTSA comms dept. #PhD from @AmericanU's @AU_SOC. Boricua. Researching tech, politics & social change. @TheBeatles nerd. RT ≠ endorsement.

Marie Boran

Freelance sci/tech journo with @IrishTimes, @IrelandScience, @technologyvoice. Researcher/lecturer @DublinCityUni #scicomm #socialmedia. RTs are not endorphins.

Eva Woo

Jordan-Marie Smith

Journo @AmericanU, @nprweekend intern, asst. lifestyle editor @theeagleonline, freelance @wcp, everything @AN_WVAU, writer for @AU_SOC, '14 PJI fellow @POLITIC0

Jill Moss

Democracy Fellow-USAID | GMU Adjunct | Journalist | Ph.D. Student | Return Peace Corps Volunteer | Tweets my own.

Curt Chandler

Journalist, educator, Dad.


Multilingual updates on Hong Kong's ongoing democratic movements. We want our voices to be heard. Twilog: http://t.co/YicKaWNKTX

American U Library

American University Library—We enable success! Providing information, resources & services for students, faculty, staff, alumni & neighbors. RT ≠ endorsement