Migrant workers in Qatar

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  1. International news sources are somehow similar to each other in the way they tackle the issue of migrant workers in Qatar. The main news outlet which shed more light on this issue is The Guardian, whereas all other media cited it. International media criticized Qatar openly using very aggressive words, "modern slavery" or "slaves" to describe Qatari's treatment of their migrant workers. Western media, after all, like to show a bad image of the Arab world, regardless if it is true or not. On the other hand, Gulf news sources seem to side with Qatari authorities, using words such as "claimed" and "alleged". It is no surprise that Al Jazeera shows full support for its government, and Al Arabiyya also backs its ally. Migrant workers are stuck in between, a bright future not in sight. 

    Migrant workers have always worked in Qatar, but what is new now is the building sights in preparation for Qatar's hosting of 2022 World Cup. Since there is a deadline, and since some of those projects are unreasonable, workers are expected to do miracles. Not only are they dying due to mistreatment or harsh weather, they are also not getting paid for months. A heartbreaking video showing Qatar's migrant workers from Nepal. It truly is "modern slavery" as described by The Guardian. This should not be allowed. If a certain country does not have what it takes to host such a huge event, it should not be chosen.
  2. Qatar: the migrant workers forced to work for no pay in World Cup host country
  3. Al Jazeera English speaks to Indian workers about their work in Qatar. The title of the video contains the word "allege" which means that the Indian workers are claiming something which might not be true. The video does not tackle stories of Indians losing their lives due to harsh circumstances. It stresses on the fact that Indians earn lots of money in Qatar, which helps them build new houses and pay their debts.  Al Jazeera is a Qatari news channel.
  4. Indian workers allege abuse in Qatar
  5. Migrant workers in the Gulf region.
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  7. A study indicating that a huge number of migrant workers are losing their lives in Qatar due to horrific living conditions. Human Rights Watch is trying to find a solution for this so called "slavery", pledging for FIFA to act as fast as possible. The Guardian is criticizing the Qatari treatment of its workers, exposing that the number of deaths will reach 4000 till the world cup, if nothing is done to prevent that.
  8. Human Rights Watch accuses Qatar of not acting to "improve migrant workers' rights". If there is no international pressure on Qatar concerning this issue, no reaction will take place. Those migrant workers will not stop going to Qatar, because to them earning money is much more important than their lives. 
  9. Again Al Jazeera news source uses certain words to indicate that talks about migrant workers' horrible living conditions are only "claims". Although this is Al Jazeera America, it is still originally Qatari, backing the view that Qatar is attacked by international media.  
  10. The Economist also adopts the same views as other international media, questioning whether human rights laws are applied on migrant workers in the middle east, especially the Gulf region. Something should be done about workers' living conditions and kafala system.
  11. A bit older news article trying to show that Qatar treats its workers in a very humanitarian way, organizing a soccer tournament for migrant workers. One participating company alleged that workers should lead a healthy life, achieved through sports, as if the workers have everything perfect, the only thing they lack is a healthy life. Since Al Arabiyya is Saudi owned, its views should side with the Qataris.
  12. This blogger unveils that Qatar was chosen to host the world cup due to "lobbying". As a result of migrant workers' conditions, Qatar may lose its hosting privileges. I think that the Qataris will do the impossible to prevent this from happening.
  13. Another Blog uses the phrase "modern day slavery" to describe the condition of migrant workers in Qatar. It states that Nepalese workers are dying "at a rate of one worker per day" . A quick solution should be found to stop this. 
  14. News outlets are stressing on a rumor that the 2022 world cup in Qatar should be moved to the winter. Activist' standing is very crucial in this stage, the boycotting of the 2022 world cup, if Qatar fails to improve its workers' living conditions.
  15. A Qatari website citing responses of officials on the allegations posted in The Guardian's report. The response is very much expected, surprise and shock that this might be happening on Qatari soil. Someone should be assigned to investigate and make sure that all factors of a respectable life are met concerning the workers.  
  16. The construction site of the World Cup Stadium in Qatar, where a lot of workers suffer due to horrific work conditions.