Fort Lewis College Orientation

What do you get when you combine: 861 excited freshmen, 156 adventurous transfer students, 543 enthusiastic family members, 46 psyched Orientation leaders, and more than 100 happy faculty and staff in a gorgeous mountain location? Fort Lewis College Orientation!

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  1. The countdown begins! The FLC community is way excited...
  2. MOVE IN DAY! Students finally meet their roommates and find some new BFFS.
  3. Orientation groups start some friendly rivalries and loyalties...
  4. #flcorientation group 17; the best kids around!
  5. Orientation sessions cover everything from sitting in sample classes and learning how to explore academically to learning about the computer system and college life.
  6. Last session at #FLCOrientation Compters! #nativeamerican #girl #college #kid #earrings #ahhh #photobomb #guy #background I've gotta say it's been a fun few days.(: Gunna love it here!!
  7. In one Orientation session, students are challenged to build human clocktowers and skyhawks. And do some classic planking, of course.
  8. The best clock tower I've ever seen! #FLCOrientation