#OER 16 – 'Are we Openness Ready?': unpacking Openness across three different drivers.

An overview of a workshop held at #OER16 and the Disruptive Media Learning Lab.

  1. The workshop proposal was developed by @latelyontime, @ak_watolla, @m_haydi and @friedelitis in collaboration with @shaunhides.
  2. After the intro, participants were asked to form teams focussing on one of the six drivers in order to build a fantastical, imaginary object symbolising the conversations around their chosen driver of Openness.
  3. At #OER16, two teams were formed: one team was built around governance, policy and administration while another team focussed on pedagogy, learning and collaboration:
  4. Team 'Governance' at #OER16 introduced ORC, the Openness Risk Calculator:
  5. Are we Openness Ready? Prototype: Governance, Policy and Administration [#OER16] [#OEREADY]
  6. Team "Pedagogy" at #OER16 designed a 'connective disconnective learning multiverse':
  7. Are we Openness Ready? Prototype : Pedagogy, Learning, Collaboration [#OEREADY] [#OER16]
  8. On April 21, we conducted the workshop again at the Disruptive Media Learning Lab at Coventry University.

  9. We formed teams around "Pedagogy", "Governance" and "Ownership" - also with incredibly creative prototypes.
  10. Are we Openness Ready? Prototype : Governance, Policy and Administration [#OEREADY] [#OER16]
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