In this story, we'll take you on a journey of how someone who is supposed to be a victim's advocate becomes a victim basher.


  1. Update 02 February 2016: No, Jeffrey, BJUGrace people are associated with North Hills Community Church in Greenville. They do "nouthetic counseling," not counseling based on any scientific methods. Why are you so afraid to call them out on this?
  2. The link below will take you to the North Hills counseling page on their web site. Watch the video. Look at the credentials of their "counselors." None of their "counselors" have a SC license to practice counseling.

    I realize you think it's important to be friends to everybody (except for me and a few others), but you do have to call a spade a spade at times. Why are you afraid?
  3. Update - 15 January 2016: So, BJU is having their "white out" as I write this. Before you dismiss this, ask yourself this question: How many college students at Clemson or USC (or most any other school, for that matter) were expelled because they dated someone outside their race? So, yeah, given the history of BJU, it's racist.
  4. Bob Jones University's Racist Anti-miscegenation Rule Discussed on Larry King Live (PART ONE)
  5. Update 19 November 2015: "We would like... ." No, I demand. Change doesn't happen by being polite. Change happens when people get angry. We get angry, we demand. We get angry, we protest. We get angry at injustice. Forget being polite. Get angry. BJUGrace, you're the only ones keeping the GRACE report alive - that's a good thing. But, passive statements and hope won't change BJU. BJU writing checks to plaintiff's attorneys - that will make BJU change.
  6. Honestly, Jeffrey, you're like the people who told ACT UP not to protest because, eventually, the Reagan/Bush era would produce a ton of money for AIDS research and prevention. As far as helping people, the only person you help is yourself. You help yourself to undeserved credit and you help yourself to the limelight. Beyond that, you and BJUnity are helping no one.
  7. Just in case you don't know what ACT UP is:
  8. Friendships and books are great. Are you encouraging people to find an attorney? That's the only thing that will make BJU change anything. Get angry. Act up.
  9. Update 12 November 2015: So Jeffrey is now complaining about the article in which he participated. It doesn't seem to bother him he spoke as an expert about the history of the GOP or BJU, and, while he gave the reporter a couple of phone numbers of people of color who have attended BJU, he didn't tell them of other people who really could speak to the history of BJU. In addition to Dr. Camille Lewis, Theon Hill at Wheaton knows quite a bit about BJU history. Jeffrey might not have known about Theon Hill, but he does know about Dr. Camille Lewis. Of course, he would never give a reporter her phone number - he only knows about token black people. #JeffreyMarginalizesPeople
  10. Of course, Jeffrey really just pretends. At the recent LGBTQ purge at BJU, BJUnity did nothing. First Baptist and a few other individuals did a lot. BJUnity did nothing except take credit for other people's work. They really are a bunch white entitled people who throw a party every year. #BJUnityDoesNothing Jeffrey is really an expert in:
  11. Update - I've done an update on the Leah stuff at the end of the article, then I have a new update on Jeffrey's windmill fighting. Normally, I put the new stuff at the top so you don't have to go searching for it, but I want to keep Leah's shenanigans up front for now. It's just too good to move it down.

    Update 06 November 2015: So, this happened this week: