How Will Internet Explorer's Phase-out Change Web Design?

Internet Explorer has remained Microsoft’s go-to browser for many years. Oddly enough, buzz around major competing browsers.


  1. Internet Explorer has remained Microsoft’s go-to browser for many years. Oddly enough, buzz around major competing browsers, such as Firefox, forced many people to take a look at IE and see what was wrong with it. They now had something to compare it to. When Google launched Google Chrome a number of years later, only die-hard loyalists and email-exclusive Internet users still stuck to the dated browser.

    Internet Explorer, otherwise referred to as IE, still has a huge following. Many people use it. Microsoft is expected to phase out Internet Explorer in 2015. How will this change website design in tallahassee? What should designers and web brand expect?

    Like a Spartan

    Chrome did a lot of things right when it launched. It was a light download. It did not require one large memory process, but many smaller processes running at the same time depending on what is open and active in Chrome. Microsoft is expected to launch Spartan soon (the official date is TBA).

    Why should small businesses care? A website is fitted differently depending on the browser. Even large companies had had issues. For example, the famous website PayPal had innumerable problems with obtaining functionality with Chrome at launch. Fewer browsers mean less accommodating specific needs and designs. IE’s removal from the mainstream allows marketers to be less dynamic with their website from one browser to the next. It will drive unique browser capabilities down, and make room for more innovation in the On Call Website Design.

    Not That Bad

    It is unfair to say that Internet Explorer has been obsolete its entire existence. Microsoft made some substantial changes to the formula with IE11. Spartan will likely borrow from many of IE11’s concepts, such as its functional speed and CSS integration. The website design in Tallahassee will no longer have to worry about accommodating Internet Explorer prior to 11, which is only a good thing.

    Importantly, IE will not just die out. Microsoft will keep it around for awhile perhaps as a download on their main website. The majority of people will use other options, forcing website design Tallahassee companies to change their strategies to accommodate new burgeoning browsers. Businesses should be less concerned about the ramifications of experimenting, especially as it will look on a website. With the mainstream death of Internet Explorer, everyone can worry less about how something will work for potential customers using a dated browser.