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What readers are saying about Detroit possibly getting an emergency financial manager

Treasurer Andy Dillon has been meeting with Detroit’s elected officials today, warning that the city’s financial condition means appointment of an emergency financial manager is all but inevitable.


  1. Detroit leaders - and those who believe them - never heard the old saying: "If what you are doing isn't working, doing it louder and longer won't, either." Detroit needs new leadership. Emergency manager? BRING IT ON!
  2. Every single Michigan voter who voted against Proposal 1 owes the city of Detroit an apology.
  3. the mayor has been doing a great job...and could be doing more if it wasn't for all the embedded "special interests" that demand the status quo...and are keeping the city from making the changes that are so desperately needed....
  4. Let a Federal judge have everything! These loons down there which includes the City Council (most of them but not all) are the problem and Union influence which is not budging with legacy costs which are more than revenues each month.
  5. This language about the state versus the city neds to go. It's not about the state coming in to "kick ass and take names." The city council and the mayor have been unable to raise enough revenue and can't cut any more city services. Detroit is in a cas...See More
  6. funding comes from your taxes...over $34 million of your taxes goes to cash assistance alone here in MI...that is NOT including food stamps and medical and even Emergency Relief for utility shut offs. I've been trying to urge taxpayers for years to Spe...See More
  7. the problem isn't about properly funding the municipal governments. The funding has always been there. the problem is with the people in control of it. I for one voted for EM. And EM's should've been appionted a long long time ago! Maybe MI wouldn't be in the mess that we are in. You haven't seen both sides like I many have. They know who they are, the ones who used those funds for false purposes. Mi wasn't broke, or hasn't been broke. It those in charge who made us broke. I would like to see an accounting of the last five years of every category of funding and would like to see what they spent it on. If I could afford the copies they would charge, I would have turned in a FOIA a long time ago. The public is entitled to Freedom of Information Act.
  8. Here's my take on things. What is going on in Detroit right now obviously isn't working and hasn't worked in quite some time. What is there to lose by going this route?
  9. Gosh Andy - don't keep it a secret! Tells us all how you can "turn around the city's negative finances in about a year." --- please please please... everyone's just dying to know. Literally.
  10. The State can't even take control of itself, let alone a city! It was all pomp and circumstance anyway, they intended the takeover all along. ijs!
  11. The State of Michigan needs to follow the constitution and properly fund municipal governments.
  12. Emergency manager. Pftftftftf. What an oxymoron. A thinly veiled austerity action to cripple the city even further. It surprises me the ctizens haven't tossed those fools with that word on their lips and their supporters to the curb yet.
  13. Where do they all of a sudden now think they can even have an EFM???? How can they not cut? They have already spent more than they have, and WE are not giving them a dime.'
  14. Cuts are not the answer. An EFM won't do one bit of good.
  15. They can't have an Emergency Manager, THEY Sued and caused it to be voted down during the last Election, No Cash (Soup) for you Detroit, Talk to the Federal Bankruptcy Judge, you earned it, adios....
  16. my cousin andy dillon will right the ship, and make detroit a better place to live ......
  17. How is City Council still in power? And what would an Emergency Financial Manager be able to do under Public Act 72? Wouldn't the City Council and their supporting citizens stop the EFM from making any changes anyway?
  18. Declare bankruptcy and free us from the banks.
  19. I think the Mayor and the City Council should go.
  20. Emergency financial manger can't save Detroit
  21. Absolutely! Totally support him! He's the one reason I would consider becoming a resident of the City.