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Charles Pugh, intern in Twitter argument

Detroit City Council president Charles Pugh engaged in a back-and-forth on Twitter over the weekend with an intern for Automotive News.


  1. Following what could be described as a heated exchange on Twitter over the weekend, here's the headline that faced Detroit City Council President Charles Pugh on Monday, just hours before the annual Detroit fireworks show.
  2. How did Pugh get into this? It started on Saturday afternoon, when Automotive News intern Josh Sidorowicz tweeted a link to a Detroit News column, along with a note expressing his feelings for Pugh's performance as city council president to date.
  3. Here's how the rest of the conversation played out.
  4. Along with Jalopnik, other media organizations picked up on the Twitter exchange.
  5. Several folks came out in support of Sidorowicz on Twitter, including DetroitPolitics, which first called Pugh a "bully" in a Tweet.