Romney app misspells 'America'

As the 2012 Scripps National Spelling Bee gets underway today, many are scratching their heads at a new Romney photo app that misspells 'America.' The iPhone app allows you to use a photo from your library and brand it with a Mitt message. Among the choices, a stamp that reads "A better Amercia."

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  1. After the gaffe was discovered, social media users were quick with the jokes and unforgiving with their comments. 
  2. From a #MittRomney photo app. Horrible typo, man! #Amercia
  3. A Better Amercia, brought to you by the official Mitt Romney 2012 App #amercia
  4. Tries to be hip and reach out to younger demographics with an app, ends up Quayle-ing himself. #clownshoes #romney #2012 #app
  5. I think iTunes is commenting in the #withmitt #Amercia blunder.