Best Free VPN Service

Finding a free VPN Service could be difficult then your thinking..


  1. Here is the my first story. I want to talk about finding best VPN service for your needs. The reason why I'm using VPN is for keeping my internet more private and im using internet on hotspots as well. So i don't want to hacked by someone else because its very popular thing right now. Email details and credit cards are very important and should be stay in safe.
  2. So i need to find a VPN service which is the best to use free ones, who pays google to find something, am i right! But at the other hand i need to trust them with my informations and browsing .. every details of mine should be keeped private and not shared with any of advertisement or third party services.
  3. Here is the list of the free VPNs i found. Lets Check it!
  4. ZPN - Monthly 10GB free - No logs. No info share. - Nice!
  5. TunnelBear - Monthly 500MB - Not for shure which info shared. Good but its a odd 500MB could be finish with couple of videos
  6. Hola - Total Free - Information Sharing and They Used in Botnet. Very Bad News...
  7. Hotspot shield
  8. HotspotShield - Total Free - Lots of advertisements.. Nothing about info share.. - Usable
  9. I hope i can help whos seeking good free vpn service..
  10. Best wishes to everyone...