Daniel Assouline Fueling E-Growth In Canada

Daniel Assouline is leading by example.

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  1. Daniel Assouline is helping Lavasoft build next generation Ad-Aware products.

    This is an unenviable task because adware and spyware, by presenting extreme complexity in removing them, have become the newest plagues of the internet.

    Spyware and adware, even though used interchangeably, have somewhat different meanings:

    •    Spyware is software that covertly gathers information when users log on to internet, basically with an aim to advertise.
    •    Adware is a type of spyware that gathers information discreetly without users’ consent or knowledge in order to display advertisements based on users’ browsing patterns.

    Unfortunately, many average computer users are not aware of the potential threats every time they log on to the internet. They do not realize that spyware and adware are greater issues of concern than viruses.

    Here is how adware or spyware can cause havoc to your computers:

    •    Slows down your internet by popping up undesirable ads and often by logging your keystrokes.
    •    In severe cases, making internet browsing impossible due to pop-up ads and uneven background behavior.

    Daniel Assouline with his team at Lavasoft is continually updating the company’s anti-malware products to confront new threats.

    Lavasoft is offering fast and simplified installation processes, allowing customers to select the type of installation that suits them best.

    The products have proved to be one of its kinds by their increased performance and capability, enhanced web browsing protection engines, and more robust detection performance.

    All this has been possible due to Daniel Assouline and his vision.  He wants his country to enter into a heightened level in the digital space. This is possible only if there is an all-inclusive growth in the use of digital devices of all kinds.

    Assouline feels entrepreneurs must take the lead by selling their products and services online.

    The future of Canada’s growth lies in ecommerce. According to a recent survey, online shopping is gaining in popularity in Canada, yet this country has still a long way to go before it catches up with U.S. and Britain in e-retailing.

    Assouline is keen this gap needs to be plugged.

    Assouline himself is a serial entrepreneur and with a thorough knowledge of technology and online marketing he is contributing to e-growth in his own way.

    Daniel Assouline, as UpClick's co-founder, has crafted a payment service that is very well received in the market.

    At UpClick, his domain was payment processing service. Now at Lavasoft, he is focusing on developing state-of-the art Ad-Aware products.

    Assouline is leading by example. With his extraordinary multidisciplinary skills, he is succeeding as a serial entrepreneur.

    Ability to inspire is the cornerstone of true leadership. Assouline had it in him to communicate with different types of personalities in a team and make them work cohesively towards one goal.

    Single minded purpose and keen dedication backed by appropriate skills and knowledge has provided Daniel Assouline the energy needed to work relentlessly towards his goal.  

    As one senior executive of a multi-national company put it, “E-commerce is not about online sales, it is about providing great customer experience.”

    Today, consumers want convenience and simplicity. With individuals like Daniel Assouline at the helm, nothing is impossible.

    Daniel Assouline at UpClick was co-founder and chairman of a specialty payment processing service. Daniel Assouline is presently CEO of Lavasoft, an anti-spyware development company. He is helping the company build next generation Ad-Aware products.