Maker's Mark misses the mark...

From a minor tweet about the length of time it takes to char a barrel for making bourbon to a congratulatory tweet from KFC... How Maker's Mark missed the mark with their brand strategy. (Note: Date sequences have been adjusted to highlight flows of conversations and threaded discussions)


  1. The calm before the storm. Business as usual for Maker's Mark on Twitter, days before they announced their decision to dilute Maker's Mark:
  2. On Saturday, the 9th of February, 2013, the change is announced. Their fans, and the extended bourbon community, jumped right in:
  3. This did not go unnoticed by the press/media communities:
  4. It even made video/TV as well, as seen in this NBC Today spot:
  5. In an effort to calm their fans and "ambassadors", they issued a statement (Feb th, 0 ) on their website (promoted via Twitter) sharing their "thoughts on your feedback" (Note: The URL they provided redirects to the most recent news announcement - you have to actually click on the "Thanks for the feedback" link to see their original response, which was essentially "thanks for the feedback, but we're not changing our decision").
  6. As expected by everyone but Maker's Mark, chaos ensued: