My Experience with Empower Network

I just wanted to tell my Empower Network story in hopes that people with a similar story will be able relate.

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  1. First of all, I'm not one of those people that think there is some sort of Empower Network Scam.

    I was part of Empower since day one.  I made about $12,000 with Empower and I was a big fan of David Wood.  I had been following him since My Lead System Pro and I saw that he had huge success with what ever he promoted.  So I heard that he was up to something and joined Empower with out ever seeing the site!  That's right!  I sent over $125 via fax machine having zero idea what it was all about!

    So once the site launched I sent out an e-mail to my little list of 600 people on Halloween and I got an instant sign up!

    I was so impressed that I made $125 by sending out an e-mail broadcast!

    Then came all of the problems with the merchant account getting shut down and the website not even loading at times!
    Then we got banned by Facebook and the Youtube haters started flaggin EN videos!  

    But I hung in there and I sponsored about 50 people and I went to the first two events!

    Then something weird happened.  I kept getting about the same amount of free traffic, which was mostly coming from video since Empower didn't really do a great job teaching SEO.  But my conversions were falling.  Instead of getting a sign up per week like I used to get, I started getting only about 1 a month.

    Slowly I started seeing my team members leave for other teams like Team Take Massive Action and the Prosperity Team.

    I noticed that people that I had talked to in the past about Empower were showing up on Facebook promoting, except they didn't join me!  They joined some power team!

    I'm not complaining!  I get it.  I would have left me too!  I had no system to sell the system!  I had no custom funnel and no custom capture pages.  

    I was getting frustrated and then came Level One Network.  With Level One I actually learned how to blog correctly and get content ranked in the search engines!  Go figure!

    So I wish all of you people in Empower good luck.  But I found something much better!